Here are some other line dances that you may be interested in that are danced at other dances and practices in our area.

The Stepsheets are provided in both pdf and png formats. The information is identical in each format. Your individual browser and computer/device combination may work better with one format than the other. If you want to actually print out a Stepsheet, the pdf format may be the better choice.

Line Dance Video or Link to Video Stepsheet

Bicycle Waltz

This slightly challenging waltz is danced to Les Bicyclettes De Belsize by Engelbert Humperdinck.
Bicycle Waltz Step Sheet (pdf)

Bicycle Waltz Step Sheet (png)

Bus Stop

There are many versions of The Bus Stop out there. This is the one most often danced in our area. The choice of music is Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez.
Bus Stop Step Sheet (pdf)

Bus Stop Step Sheet (png)


Although the music used for this, Caballero by Orchestra Mario Riccardi, is a very nice cha cha, the dance style is a quick rumba.
Caballero Step Sheet (pdf)

Caballero Step Sheet (png)

Come Dance With Me

This is a very nice foxtrot line dance to Come Dance With Me by Nancy Hays.
Come Dance With Me Step Sheet (pdf)

Come Dance With Me Step Sheet (png)

New York New York

This is a good beginner line dance to New York New York by Frank Sinatra.
New York New York Step Sheet (pdf)

New York New York Step Sheet (png)

Phantom Tango

Danced to Phantom Of The Opera by Tony Evans and His Orchestra
Phantom Tango Step Sheet (pdf)


An oldie but a goodie. Good music for this includes Y.M.C.A., The River of Babylon, We're Here for a Good Time, and Spirit in the Sky.
Slosh Step Sheet (pdf)

Slosh Step Sheet (png)

West Coast Shuffle

A fun West Cost Swing styled dance that can be danced to any good west coast swing music.
West Coast Shuffle Step Sheet (pdf)

West Coast Shuffle Step Sheet (png)