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International Style Standard and Latin Ballroom Dancing in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area

At each dance we usually have two sets of line dances with two to three line dances in each set. This page will develop to provide instructions on the most popular of these line dances, both as a reminder for those who may not have done them for some time and as a learning aid for those of you who may be new to our dances. Line dances are not just lively and fun; they are also an excellent way to practice the basic steps of the corresponding dance, provided that you make the effort to do each step properly.

The Circle Waltz

Valeta Sequence Dance

Jive Line Dance

Sway Line Dance

Bossa Nova Line Dance

Waltz Line Dance

Angelina - Cha Cha Line Dance

Iko Iko Line Dance - also look at this

Tango Line Dance

Mambo Line Dance

Bingo Bango Bongo Line Dance

Tortuga Line Dance

Zorba the Greek Line Dance

Disco Line Dance

Blurred Lines Line Dance

The Gay Gordons
Get ready for New Year's Eve by brushing up on The Gay Gordons. Check out this video for the steps.The hardest sequence in the dance is the lady's under-arm turning sequence, which utilizes a step known as a pas-de-basque. After watching The Gay Gordons video these two links will help you with this tricky sequence. Enjoy.
Scottish Country Dance Pas de Basque Step
Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Tennessee Waltz Surprise