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Direction to the Dance
(posted February 17, 2020)
Assuming that you are on the 401 at some point, take the Homer Watson Blvd. / Fountain St. exit and turn east on Fountain Street heading toward Blair and Cambridge. At the first traffic circle turn right onto Dickie Settlement Road. This will take you past the Whistle Bear Golf Club. When you come to the stop sign at the end of this road turn right onto Roseville Road. Turn left on the second road which is Dumfries Road, also known as county road 47. Turn right on the first road, which is Rife Road. If you go over the train tracks you have missed it. Follow Rife Road to the end and you will come to the Waterloo Regional Police Association Banquet Hall, where our dances are held.

(posted February 17, 2020)
I would have liked to have the directions to get to the dancing venue.
Thanks and regards,

Basic Slow Foxtrot
(posted July 09, 2019)
That is the one I was looking for.

Re: Basic Slow Foxtrot
(posted July 04, 2019)
The demonstration was by Pierre Allaire and Mireille Veilleux. The video is still available on YouTube. If you do a google search on "Pierre Allaire basic foxtrot" it should give you the link.

Basic Slow Foxtrot
(posted July 04, 2019)
A few years ago, on your old web site, you had a link to a video of a professional couple demonstrating the style and grace that can be obtained using only the basic/beginner steps of the slow foxtrot. I don't remember who the couple was. Is that video still available anywhere.

no subject
(posted April 23, 2019)
Just wanted to see how this thing works.

(posted April 01, 2019)
Welcome to the Comments section of our website. I thought I would add this functionality and we will try it out for a while to see if there is any interest. Feel free to post any suggestions here on how to improve our monthly dance or the website itself.
Look forward to hearing from you,

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